Fitangi for us, is the joy of discovering the wilderness, the thirst to be in sync with the nature and the passion to follow our wanderlust as an intrepid traveller.
However, the origin of Fitrangi was a passionate ode to promote the spirit of Adventure. Be it new adventure sport, or treading a treacherous mountain trail, or exploring the most unexplored lands of the world, Fitrangi is the face to discover and explore the joy people are spreading in the world through adventure.
The journey started with a website, with events along the way that brought the industry together. Today it upholds the same spirit with inspiring stories around the world, that delve deep into our subconscious adventurous spirit.


Our vision statement explains itself in one line ‘Promoting the spirit of Adventure and scaling it to new heights’


We believe in promoting the spirit of adventure through a multitude of activities. Underlining and reiterating the passion of adventure through stories of grit and determination and introducing new ideas and products that can help to promote the spirit of adventure.

The Team


Fitrangi was started by three passionate, enterprising minds that were upbeat about adventure and wanted to spread this passion amidst the people. Thereafter another like-minded individual joined them in this wonderful journey.


With a strong urge towards outdoors and wilderness, Yuni is a passionate trekker who loves the pulse of Sahyadris. He has organised various treks and keeps exploring more places and ideas that keeps his spirit upbeat and brimming with excitement. A background in Events and Design, Yuni is on a constant lookout for new stories that underline the passion of people in the realm of Adventure and outdoors.


Starting off with a career in marketing and a background in events and design, Suyog is an enthusiastic traveller who wishes to explore the world through the lens of adventure. Be it adventure sports or exploring new places, he enjoys the space of unpredictable moments given by nature while exploring its wild side. He enjoys being in green pastures massive mountain ranges, and misty meadows whenever he finds time.


A background in art and design, a designer by profession and a traveller by heart, Sandeep is a chemistry best explored while talking to. Deep conversations and unflinching love towards art and adventure, Sandeep along with the team looks after the design quotient of Fitrangi. There is a passionate team of people who works tirelessly with him in this endeavour to bring something creative in this world.


With a backdrop of management studies and having a highly meticulous mind, Deepali is a self-driven perfectionist that helps Fitrangi build its repertoire in design and ideas in the most structured manner. She is an adventure enthusiast who knows her way around numbers. With a vast experience of over two decades in brand management, Deepali is wall to rely on while she keeps helping the brand to move forward.


Our sincere thanks for contributing to the spirit of Adventure.


Naushad comes from the domain of website development and has contributed wholeheartedly with his skills, to our newly developed website. Naushad is also an adventure enthusiast and loves to travel and explore the world.


Rohan is traveller and loves exploring adventure in different parts of the world. He majorly contributes interesting stories to our story section. These stories come from the conversations he has with great adventurers or his own set of experiences.
If you have the same zeal and passion to contribute your skills towards Fitrangi, please write to us at We would love to hear your thoughts and stories over a misty morning coffee.

Our story

2014 — Inception of the idea of, a website to promote the spirit of adventure and scale it to new heights. 

2015 — The idea of promotion was further powered by Adventure Tourism Conclave which brought together the stalwarts of the industry on one platform. It received a huge applause from the Industry post which Fitrangi became a known name in adventure space. 

2017 — Launch of Adventure T-shirts, the next step towards promoting adrenalin pumping sports. 

2018-2019 — Launch of the a new Fitrangi website which shares inspiring stories pertaining to adventure. At the same time launch of  other Adventure merchandise along with T-shirts.

2020 — Plan to launch more and more products that underline our vision and take the spirit of the adventure forward.