Things You Should Carry While Going On A Biking Trip

Photo credit: Zach Dischner / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

It is one of the most fun times of all when one finally gets to go on a trek or a ride, especially on one of those biking trips; it is well earned a break from daily life of work and hardships now, isn’t it? But wouldn’t it be quite a fuss if you would forget to pack something that would have been really vital to the biking trip! Well, it is better to make sure and stay loaded then to worry about something you forgot later; the more precautions you take, more the fun your trip could get.

Here are a few essentials one must carry;

Flat repair kit– A pump, tire patches, spare tube and levers to repair tires can all be very useful for the smallest or even the worst of the bike issues that could occur mid-travelling.

Saddle bag– the bag can be very useful to store all the small and big extra accessories that one thinks can be useful to them during their ride like make-up accessories, food, iPods etc.

Home comforts– if you wish to go for biking trips that could be a weekend long or maybe more than that then you would really like to have a little bit of your house travelling with you. Hot water thermos, resting mattress, clothing and other accessories would prove useful.

Bag balm– It is quite a handy tool for when the bikers experience discomfort in their joints due to all the uphill or even flat land rides.

Sleeping gear– A sleeping bag with a blanket and if you could carry a pillow too would be comfortable enough to spend a night almost on any sort of mountains or hills.

U-lock– Keeping your bike locked and safe no matter wherever you halt is extremely important and you would need a U-lock gear for that purpose.

Cotton scarf– For times when it gets windy and dusty on the roads and there is a lot of road particles entering your eye and ear and distracting your ride, you can use a cotton scarf to protect yourself on the road!

Shoes– The right kind of shoes is very important as your feet need to feel comfortable and light when you are constantly paddling away on the road. Having a spare pair might be a good idea too.

Bike helmet– It is a must to carry the helmet when one is riding on the bike at all times; safety always comes first now, doesn’t it?

If you pack your bags just right and make sure that you have all the equipments and the gear that you need handy then there is nothing that can stop you from enjoying your biking trip. A couple of friends and bags filled with games and food and you are good to set off on the road, enjoy for the weekend and come home with amazing adventure memories; sounds amazing already, doesn’t it?

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