Points To Remember While Trekking In Western Ghats

Photo credit: Karthick Siva / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Many a times when we set out for a trekking expedition we seem to ignore a few simple precautionary measures. Gratitude to our organizers who do a wonderful and courageous job by organizing treks even after considering all these acute difficulties. Here is a list of 8 precautionary measures written in anticipation of your trekking experience in western ghats.

  • Carry Starchy Food:

When you are on trekking and hiking expedition carry food material with you that are a rich source of carbohydrates. Carry Fruits, easy to carry products like cheese cubes, little amounts of buttermilk. Biscuits rich in carbohydrates can be also be carried. Carbohydrates provide energize your mind and nervous. Eat in small quantities but eat regularly.

  • Drink ample of Water:

Carry sufficient water with you. While you are in your routine we tend to drink consecutive glasses of water. Avoid doing this during this trekking or Hiking. While drinking, make sure that you drink each and every sip of water very slowly. By this way you will quench your thirst and that to in very Control your desire to drink water quickly.

  • Carrying Equipment’s:

If you are carrying equipment’s like cameras, video cameras, etc. Carry them separately in a different bag, which you can carry around your shoulder. The reason being moisture from the atmosphere or spillage of water in your bag shouldn’t harm the electronic equipment’s as well as these equipment’s should be handy.

  • Start Early:

It is always advisable to start trekking before sunrise. When you start early the morning coolness has a physical and psychological effect. You tend to cover ground faster early in the mornings as compared to rest of the day. You can also escape from the grueling heat of the sun.

  • Walk on the trail already present:

When you will start trekking many of the times you will find a trail, which has been already formed. Keep following this trail to avoid stamping on the plants.

  • Base Camp:

Make prior arrangements for snacks and refreshments made in the base camp so as when you end your trek you may not have to go running around making arrangements for your crew and yourself.

  • Authenticity of the guide and organizer:

When you are planning to go on a trekking and hiking expedition please confirm the identity of the guide and the organizer. If possible avoid going trekking with unknown guides and organizers. Let your friends and family know where you are going trekking and also with whom.

  • Weather:

Have a check on weather forecast beforehand. Cancel your trek if you find that the conditions may turn severe or adverse. If things turn adverse seek shelter in the nearby village or any safe shelter.

These are just a few imperative precautionary measures that you should undertake before going on for an expedition. Keep yourself safe and HAVE A SAFE JOURNEY.



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